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Victor, Alina, Matthew and Laura are students. All of them are trying to learn Machine Learning (ML) for an assignment. Unluckily, they are confused by the web search results.
Laura’s assignment deadline is approaching, and she does not know what to do.
During the coffee break, Laura meets Alexander. He is a student of Medicine form Greece. Alexander suggests Laura to try BRAINIAC CLOUD.
Laura goes to her desk to find and use BRAINIAC CLOUD.
Laura signs up into BRAINIAC platform in few seconds.
Laura selects the ML Lab section. She does not know how to use the platform but following a set of pop-up tips, she starts playing with the different tools.
She writes on the search bar “sociology” in order to find some interesting examples that she can learn from.
Laura explores the data thanks to the Data Explorer section.
Laura can understand the type of variables in her dataset. She sees how the variable behave and, via simple drag and drop on the axis, she can study interactions between variables.
Laura’s attention is captured by the Pick your model section. Laura goes over each model and she reads the short description.
Laura selects a model and she clicks on the TRAIN button.
Laura learns about Model diagnostics and play with Quick model application.
Furthermore, Laura plays with the Customize section of the selected model.
Laura discovers the UPLOAD button and she decides to upload her dataset. From here, she only needs to replicate the analysis she has done so far.