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Laura will be happy to tell you her experience with Brainiac Cloud. Have you met Laura? No? Please go to her story. She will guide you through the entire Brainiac Cloud platform, from signing up to analysing results of a Machine Learning approach. Laura was not clear enough? Do not be discouraged! In this section, you will find three examples that, we hope, you will find useful and interesting.
Brainiac Cloud is always hungry for new data. You can easily upload your dataset in the Machine Learning Laboratory clicking on “ADD DATASET”. Complete the upload form with all required information and, after a simple click, you will find your dataset on your private profile under the Section My Data. We are aware that your data is important, for this reason we follow a strict policy for the protection of your data.
You may upload data in CSV or TXT formats.
Do not worry, be Brainiac. Brainiac Cloud will help you in handling with missing values and typing errors. It will automatically identify missing values and it will input the right number following modern approaches. Likewise, typing errors will be automatically corrected as well. Brainiac Cloud will do its best to let you enjoy hassle-free Machine Learning. However, it will ask for your help if faced with unexpected situations or a huge number of missing values and/or errors.
Sure! Do not be shy; go to Machine Learning Laboratory where you will find a large number of available datasets. Pick your favourite dataset up and start to work with Machine Learning. In the Machine Learning Laboratory, you will be able to select a suitable dataset for regression or classification purposes. Each dataset is supplied with a description and main features to facilitate your journey in Brainiac Cloud.
You are so curious!!! We are here to help you enjoy Machine Learning as much as possible. In what follows, we provide a useful set of links to publicly available datasets.

The first link is about an exciting project: Kaggle!!! You can find interdisciplinary and high-quality datasets. Subjects range from financial to engineering problems including image, video and audio data types.


Another nice data source is the UCI Machine Learning Repository. It has a long story and reputation and it is widely used by students, educators and researchers all over the world. It is a collection of databases, domain theories and data generators that are used by the Machine Learning community.


Are you interested in finance and economics?! We suggest you have a look at one of the biggest platform for these topics, Quandl. It is used by analysts form the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks.


This is a initial short list of repository but more will come. You are warned! ☺
Brainiac Cloud is a Brainiac and it does not leave anything to chance. Your data are split in two parts: training set and test set. Performance indicators are computed on the Test set. You can customize the split in ML Lab’s Parameters Section.
Yes and No ☺. Currently, Brainiac Cloud does not provide an automatic upload procedure for new models. However, we encourage you to open a thread in the Forum suggesting a novel model and/or approach. Our Data Scientists will be happy to read your idea and improve Brainiac Cloud. If you are sure to have discovered a powerful Machine Learning algorithm and you want to share your solution through Brainiac Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact our team.